At the Fusion Power Co. we pride ourselves on hard work and dedication. As an employee of the Fusion Power Co. it will be your job to maintain the reactor, failure to do so will result in death. For as long as you are an employee at the Fusion Power Co.  you will be expected to dedicate all your free time to our cause, the cause to provide overpriced electricity to the entire world. This means you are not entitled to any days off (paid or otherwise). If you are to miss any work days you will be fired and subsequently used as fuel for the reactor. As our 2,134,257th  employee we trust you will do great things. Your job is easy... Just try to stay on task because... Well ya know... If you stop we all die  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Game developed for GameDev Insiders Jam #1.

(It does load, just takes a few seconds)


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Download 36 MB

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